Zeiss AxioZoom V.16 with Apotome

Description of the microscope:

High numerical aperture: The Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 has a high numerical aperture of NA 0.25, allowing you to capture bright, high-resolution images even in large object fields.

16x zoom: The 16x zoom enables you to observe samples at a wide range of magnifications, from low-magnification overviews to high-magnification detail work.

Large object fields: This microscope is optimized for imaging large samples, making it ideal for viewing complete model organisms in brightfield or fluorescence. The stage is fully motorized that makes it well-suited for slide scanning, plate scanning, tiling of large images, live cell imaging and multi-position acquisitions.

ApoTome 2: With ApoTome 2, you can create optical sections of your fluorescent samples, improving the resolution of your images by ensuring that only the focal plane appears in your image. This feature is especially useful for imaging complex or multi-layered samples.

Easy to use: The Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 is a motorized microscope, which makes it easy to adjust your imaging parameters and capture high-quality images quickly and efficiently.

Overall, the Zeiss Axio Zoom.V16 is a powerful tool for imaging large samples and creating high-resolution images of fluorescent samples with ease.


Suitable for Specimen

Live samples

Fixed samples

Tissue sections

Histological staining


Whole organisms

Whole organs

Microscope Stand

Zeiss AxioZoom V16
ref: 435080-9031-000

Upright stand

Focus Motor 3, Central Profile Column 490 mm
ref: 435403-9000-000

Mount S with diam. 76 mm support
ref: 435402-0000-000

Controller EMS 3
ref: 435610-9011-000

Fluar Illuminator Z mot
ref: 435180-9061-000

System Control Panel SYCOP 3
ref: 435611-9010-000

Table-top base for MARC
ref: 435604-9010-000

0.7×–11.2× Motorized zoom

Motorized iris

Transmitted Illumination

Transillumination base 300
ref: 435533-9500-000

Transillumination top 450 mot
ref: 435500-9000-000

LED white light

‘BF’ button = homogenous bright field,

‘BF+’ button = contrasting bright field plus

‘RC’ button = relief contrast by oblique illumination,

‘DF’ button = unilateral dark field

Zeiss Axiocam 506 color

ref: 426556-0000-000

Sensor type: Sony ICX 694, EXview HAD CCD

Sensor size:
16 mm
(12.5 mm x 10.0 mm)

Pixel count:
2752(H) × 2208 (V) = 6 MP

Pixel size:
4.54 um X 4.54 um

Bit depth:
14 bit /pixel

Exposure range:
from 250 μs to 60

Binning: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5

Frame rate:
2752×2208: 19 fps
550*440: 51 fps

Spectral Sensitivity:
Approx. 400 nm − 720 nm, Hoya C5000
RGB Bayer color filter mask

Suitable for Techniques



3D Imaging

Optical sectioning

Large area tile/mosaic scans

Multiple positions

Multi wellplate imaging

Zeiss Objectives
Zeiss Plan Z 1.0x/0.25 FWD 60mm

ref: 435282-9100-000

Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: none

Working Distance: 60 mm

Resolution: 5.0 to 0.7 µm

Total Magnification: 11.2 x … 180 x

Depth of field: 0.5 mm … 9.0 μm

Field of View: 23 mm … 1.4 mm

Tube Length: infinity


Mechanical stage 150*100 Mot
ref: 435465-9000-000

Insert plate S, glass 237x157x3 mm


HXP 200C
ref: 435716-0000-000

Metal halide lamp
Manual intensity control
Motorized shutter

Filter sets
DAPI – filter set 01

ref: 488001-9901

Excitation: Zeiss BP 365/12
Mirror: Zeiss FT 395
Emission: Zeiss LP 397

eGFP – filter set 38 HE

ref: 489038-9901

Excitation: Zeiss BP 470/40 (HE)
Mirror: Zeiss FT 495 (HE)
Emission: Zeiss BP 525/50 (HE)

mCherry – filter set 63 HE

ref: 489063-0000-000

Excitation: Zeiss BP 572/25 (HE)
Mirror: Zeiss FT 590 (HE)
Emission: Zeiss BP 629/62 (HE)

Cy 5 – filter set 50

ref: 488050-9901-000

Excitation: Zeiss BP 640/30
Mirror: Zeiss FT 660
Emission: Zeiss BP 690/50

Reflector module FL EC P&C

ref: 435180-9160-000

Microscopy workstation compact Z840

ref: 410902-9901-000

Window 10 pro 2004

Processor: intel(R) Xeon(R)

CPU: E5-2623 v3 @3.00 GHz

RAM: 32.0 GB

Screen: LCD TFT 24” z24n monitor

Zen Pro 3.1

Zen module Z stack

Zen module tiles / Positions

Zen module Time lapse

Zen module extended focus

Optical sectioning

Apotome 2 for AxioZoomV16
ref: 423667-9201-000

Optical configurations :

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