New rules for happy and safe imaging:

  • Users in the microscope facility must wear a face mask at all times. No exceptions.
  • Users must put on fresh gloves when entering the facility and discard them when leaving.
  • Periodically spray your gloves with EtOH to minimize cross-contamination.
  • Only ONE user allowed per room/curtained area.
  • No more than ONE user per microscopes.

    [Please communicate with each other and modify your reservation times accordingly for your individual needs]

  • At the start of your session, disinfect common equipment with 70% EtOH. Do NOT spray directly on the equipment; use cleaning wipes/paper. Wipe surfaces 2-3 times during use.
  • Wear safety glasses (or prescription eyeglasses) if you need to use the microscope eyepieces. Please bring your own. Keep them afterwards.
  • Observe normal instrument shut-down procedures and properly disinfect common equipment again.
  • Do NOT schedule equipment immediately after another user.

    [Please allow for a 30-minute gap between sessions. If you are running late, notify the next user so that they aren’t waiting in the facility.]

Happy and safe imaging !