The Zeiss LSM 980 microscope is the latest point scanning confocal system from Zeiss. The LSM 980 is the ideal platform for confocal 4D imaging. The entire beam path is optimized for simultaneous spectral detection of multiple weak labels with the highest light efficiency. The scan head is equipped to image up to 34 simultaneous channels for full spectral flexibility. This lets you image faint signals with the highest sensitivity.

Our system is also equipped with the Airyscan 2 superresolution module. Airyscan 2 is an area detector with 32 concentrically arranged detection elements. This allows you to acquire more of the Airy disk at once. The confocal pinhole itself remains open and does not block light, thus more photons are collected. This produces much greater light efficiency while imaging. Airyscan 2 gives you a unique combination of gentle superresolution imaging and high sensitivity. The maximum resolution you can get is 120/120nm in Super resolution mode.

Finally, our system is also equipped to perform multi photon microscopy to image deep into live or fixed sample . Emission light, created by multiphoton excitation, can be captured efficiently with non-descanned detectors. Using Airyscan detection with multi-photon excitation combines deep tissue penetration with increased sensitivity, resolution and speed.

In others words, this new Zeiss LSM 980 on our facility will allow us to expand our imaging capacities to offer you a flexible and sensitive system that gives you the possibility to see more details and to get more data from your sample, faster with higher productivity and Image quality.


Rigor and Reproducibility: