Zeiss LSM 980 – Airyscan 2 / MP

Description of the microscope:

Cutting-edge confocal system optimized for spectral detection of multiple weak labels with the highest light efficiency: The Zeiss LSM 980 microscope is a cutting-edge confocal system that offers unparalleled capabilities for 4D imaging. Our system is optimized for spectral detection of multiple weak labels with the highest light efficiency, thanks to its QUASAR (34-channel detectors) and optimized beam path. This means that you can image even the faintest signals with the highest sensitivity.

Airyscan 2 super-resolution module. In addition to its impressive confocal capabilities, our system is equipped with the Airyscan 2 super-resolution module. Airyscan 2 is an area detector with 32 concentrically arranged detection elements collecting more photons for greater light efficiency. This results in exceptional super-resolution imaging that is gentle and sensitive, with a maximum resolution of 120/120nm in Super resolution mode.

Multi photon microscopy: Our system is also capable of multi-photon microscopy, which allows you to image deep into live or fixed samples. With efficient capture of emission light using non-descanned, QUASAR or Airy scan detectors, you can combine deep tissue penetration with increased sensitivity, resolution, and speed.

By choosing our Zeiss LSM 980, you can expand your imaging capabilities to access more details and data from your sample, faster and with higher productivity and image quality. With its flexible and sensitive system, our microscope will help you achieve new insights and discoveries in your research.


Suitable for Specimen

Live samples

Fixed samples

Tissue sections

Cell cultures

Cleared samples


Whole organisms

Whole organs

Microscope Stand

Axio Examiner Z1
ref: 409000-9752-000

Upright stand

Motorized objective focusing, 25 nm increment

6-position filter turret

docking station for TFT display

2X 10x/23 eyepiece

Transmitted Illumination

Lamp Halogen, 12V 100W
ref: 380059-1660-000

Lamphousing 12V/100W w/ collector
ref: 423000-9901-000


Illuminator HXP 120 V

ref: 423013-9010-000

Zeiss, Metal halide lamp

Fluorescence Filter Cubes
DAPI – filter set 49

ref: 488049-9901-000

Excitation: Zeiss G 365
Mirror: Zeiss FT 395
Emission: Zeiss BP 445/50

eGFP – filter set 38

ref: 489038-9901-000

Excitation: Zeiss BP 470/40
Mirror: Zeiss FT 495
Emission: Zeiss BP 525/50

Cy3-Zeiss Filter set 43

ref: 489043-9901-000

Excitation: BP 550/25 nm
Mirror: FT 570 nm
Emission: BP 605/70 nm

Reflector module FL EC P&C

ref: 424931-0000-000

LSM 980 confocal
Laser unit

405 nm – Diode
488 nm – Diode
514 nm – Diode
561 nm – DPSS
594 nm – DPSS
639 nm – Diode

Chameleon Vision II
690 nm to 1040 nm


Spectral detector 32 channels GaAsP PMT 2 Channels MA-PMT

Big.2 Type A GaAsp PMT

Airy scan 2


Multi Photon

Filter set Blue and Green

Filter set 4 Green and red

Dichroic BS MP UV/690

Dichroic mirror Bs-MP 760

LBF 355/690

Shortpass IR blocking filter LBF760+ with handle

Airyscan 2

32 concentrically arranged GaAsP detection elements

EM filters:

BP 420-475 nm + BP 500-545

BP 420-480 nm + BP 570-630

BP 420-500 nm + LP 605

BP 465-505 nm + BP 525-585

BP 495-560 nm + LP 660

BP 570-620 nm + LP 655

High-end system workstation


HP Z6 G4 workstation

SSD :512 GB

RAM: 192 GB Hard drive: 8 TB SATA 7200 rpm

Win 10

Processor intel Xeon Gold 6134

Graphic card NVIDIA Quadro P6000

Minitor TFT 32″ HP Z32

Zen Pro 3.1


Zen module measurement

Zen module Multi channel

Zen module panorama

Zen module manual extended focus

Zen module image analysis

Zen module Time Laps

Zen module Z stack

Zen module extended focus

Zen module autofocus

Zen module colocalisation

Zen module spectral unmixing

Zen module 3Dxl

Zen module Deconvolution

Zen module FRAP / FRET

Zen module experiment designer

Zen module Tiles / Positions

Zen module RICS

Zen module Counting

Zen module direct processing

Suitable for Techniques

Live Imaging

3D imaging


Multi position acquisition

Large area tile/mosaic scans

Optical sectioning

Spectral unmixing

Super resolution

Multi Photon

Zeiss Objectives
Plan-Apochromat 10x/0.45

ref: 420640-9900-000

Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: none

Working Distance: 2.1 mm

DIC slider: PA 10X/0.45 II

Tube Length: infinity

Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8

ref: 420650-9902-000

Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17

Working Distance: 0.55 mm

DIC slider: EC PN 10X 20X/PA 20X

Tube Length: infinity

Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil

ref: 420782-9900-799

Immersion: Oil

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17

Working Distance: 0.19 mm

DIC slider: none

Tube Length: infinity

W Plan-Apochromat 20x/1.0

ref: 421452-9800-000

Immersion: Water

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: none

Working Distance: 1.80 mm

DIC slider: W PA 20X/1.0 III 75 Senarmont

Tube Length: infinity

W Plan-Apochromat 40x/1.0

ref: 421462-9900-799

Immersion: Water

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: none

Working Distance: 2.5 mm

DIC slider: W PA 40X/1.0 III

Tube Length: infinity

DIC accessories

Polaizer Senarmont DIC VIS/IR
ref: 427710-9030-000

Analyzer module Pol ACR P&C for transmitted light Installs in Epi Fluor Turret
ref: 424937-9901-000

DIC prism II/0.9
ref: 426724-9070-000

DIC prism III/0.9
ref: 426724-9080-000

DIC Slider PA 10X/0.45 II
ref: 000000-1045-073

DIC Slider EC PN 10X 20X/PA 20X
ref: 426940-0000-000

DIC Slider W PA 20X/1.0 III 75 Senarmont
ref: 426967-90000-000

DIC Slider W PA 40X/1.0 III
ref: 426967-9010-000

Condenser, achromatic-aplanatic
ref: 424226-9010-000


Motorized Stage with Encoder and Z piezo:

Scanning stage 130*85 Piezo

Mounting frame 160*116 for slides 76*26

Adjustable insert scanning stage imager

Z-piezo stage insert WSB 500

Stage insert Z piezo for specimen slides 76*26

Stage insert Z piezo for petri dishes from 25 to 86 mm

Stage controller XY Piezo WSB CAN

Incubation System (Pecon)

Incubator XL S1 dark

Temp Module S1

Heating unit XL S2

LED lamp

Rigor and Reproducibility:


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