To support a high degree of independence for our users and a high-quality organization, our facility offers access to a booking system. All users must be introduced to the facility by filling the registration form, meet our staff member and be trained on the system(s) of interest in order to gain access to the booking system. A proper training done by the LFM staff is mandatory to be able to book a system. Once access has been granted, users may book and use the system freely on a 24/7 basis (subject to microscope regulations).

Steps to follow to become a user of the LMF:

1 – Fill the registration and the proposal forms and send them to ( and ask a request here to have access to the MDIBL LMF

Access: Browse > Providers > Administration Open IRIS MDIBL > Create a MDIBL account (non IRIS users)

2 – Meet the facility staff for a scientific discussion and briefing

3 – Create an iris account and choose “no affiliated organization”

4 – Reserve time on the booking system and ask for training / operator assist session on your microscope

5 – Congratulations ! Your can work alone on your favorite microscope