The mesoSPIM

Description of the microscope:

Flexibility and versatility: The MesoSPIM is a cutting-edge light-sheet microscope that addresses the challenges of imaging large cleared samples with near-isotropic resolution in a matter of minutes. It is an open-hardware project that is compatible with any type of cleared or expanded sample. Unlike many existing instruments, the MesoSPIM is designed with large samples in mind (mm) and can accommodate even whole mouse central nervous systems without cutting. The instrument combines a large imaging volume, excellent image quality over large fields-of-view, and simple and versatile sample handling.

Features : The MesoSpim is the ultimate tool for high-speed, isotropic imaging of cleared samples.

With a scanning rate of 5-8 minutes, this axially scanned light-sheet microscope provides an uniform 6.5um voxel size across the entire field of view, ensuring exceptional image quality. With a vertical sample rotation axis, you can rotate your sample 360° without changing the direction of gravity, preventing rotation-induced distortions of soft samples.

Sample mounting is made easy with the kinematic mounts and magnetic sample holders that allow for fast sample exchange. Thanks to the different corvette sizes and its large travel range (44.5 mm × 44.5 mm × 100 mm), the mesoSPIM is compatible with a wide range of sample clearing techniques, including CLARITY, X-CLARITY, CUBIC-X, BABB, iDISCO, and MASH and sizes. This makes it ideal for screening batches of cleared samples, saving valuable time and effort.

The mesoSPIM’s excitation path (Dual-sided illumination and the Axially scanned light-sheet technology) is designed to reduce shadowing artifacts, producing a uniform illumination profile in the sample that simplifies data analysis.

Easy of use: The mesoSPIM is designed to be user-friendly, with simple sample mounting and fast acquisitions that allow for quick screening of samples.

Full suite of sofware for image processing and analysis: To facilitate image processing and analysis, several sofware package come with the microscopes like IMARIS, Huygens, AMIRA and Wiener.

    Overall, the mesoSPIM is an easy-to-use microscope that provides isotropic data from a cleared sample within 5-8 minutes, making it a valuable tool for researchers in neuroscience and beyond.


    Suitable for Specimen

    Cleared samples

    Whole organisms or organs

    Microscope Stand

    Olympus MVX-ZB10
    ref: N1564600

    Horizontal detection

    Ludl Motorized 10 pos Filter Wheel
    ref: 96A350



    Kinetix Scientific CMOS (sCMOS)

    ref: 410830-1768-000

    Manufacturer: Teledyne Photometrics

    Sensor type: Scientific CMOS

    Sensor size:
    29.4mm diagonal
    (20.8mm x 20.8mm)

    Pixel count:
    3200(H) x 3200(V)
    = 10.24 MP

    Pixel size:
    6.5μm x 6.5μm

    Bit depth:
    8 (speed)-12 (sensitivity)-16 bit (dynamic range)/pixel

    Frame rate:
    5.2 fps to 498fps

    Quantum efficiency:
    96 % at 600 nm


    Microscopy workstation —

    ref: 410902-9901-000

    Window 10 pro 2004

    Processor: intel(R) Xeon(R)

    CPU: E5-2623 v3 @3.00 GHz

    RAM: 32.0 GB

    Screen: LCD TFT 24” z24n monitor




    Tilling and stitching

    multi-color imaging

    Time-lapse imaging

    Suitable for Techniques



    3D Imaging

    Optical sectioning

    Tilling and stiching

    Olympus Detection Objective
    Plan Apochromat 1X/0.25

    ref: N1564200

    Immersion: Dry

    Collar: none

    Coverslip Thickness: none

    Working Distance: 65 mm

    Tube Length: infinity

    Light sheet
    Laser unit

    – 405nm – 50 mW
    laser head

    – 488nm – 60 mW
    laser head

    – 561nm – 35 mW
    laser head

    – 594nm – 50mW
    laser head

    – 647nm – 50mW
    laser head

    Electrically Tunable Lens
    EL16 Lenses


    ref: EL-16-40-TC-VIS-5D-1-C

    Lens Driver


    ref: EL-E-4i




    Emission filters

    ref: Chroma ZET405/488/561/647m

    DAPI: 450/60

    EFPG: 525/50

    AF555: 630/27



    ref: Chroma ET480/30m


    ref: Chroma ET540/41m

    custom design

    AF 555-SB

    ref: Chroma D580/30m


    ref: Chroma AT605/30m

    AF 647_LP1

    ref: Chroma ET660/lp

    custom design

    AF 647_LP2

    ref: Chroma ET680/lp

    custom design

    Sample cuvettes

    Portmann Instruments


    Rigor and Reproducibility:


    Optical configurations :

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