Maintaining Quality and Reliability

Maintaining Quality and Reliability: Regular Maintenance and Testing of Microscopes at LMF MDIBL

We conduct routine testing and maintenance on our microscopes to ensure that our users can rely on the accuracy and quality of the imaging data they collect, interpret, and publish. We document the results of our quality control procedures and keep them updated regularly, so they are available to users at any time. Our maintenance schedule includes weekly, monthly, and quarterly components.

Weekly Testing:

On a weekly basis, a visual inspection of every system is done. Minor cleanings or replenishment of supplies is done during this time. If more extensive cleaning or potential repairs need to be carried out, the microscope is will set on “maintenance” and user will be notified.

Monthly Testing:

On a monthly basis either during a training session or as an independent activity, control slides will be imaged using specific settings and analyzed. These images will be stored and compared in time, this practice gives us an immediate indication of problems with the primary components of the system, such as reduction in laser powers, degradation of resolution and failures of a detector. If an issue is detected, more in-depth tests are performed and the microscope company is notified if repairs needed to insure proper functioning of the imaging system. These tests are used to check for problems that may not be apparent immediately to those collecting images.

Quarterly Testing:

On a quarterly basis, all instruments undergo an in-depth regiment of optical testing. This testing determines if certain component like the light source, optical alignment and motorized elements stay performant with time.

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