Our Nikon confocal, thanks to its particular configuration, can be used as a spinning disk with the CSU-W1 confocal scanner unit for live cell imaging or as a point scanning with the C2+ scan head for high resolution 3D imaging. The SCU-W1 offers a wide field of view compare to other confocal, and a lot of flexibility thanks to the 7 lasers lines installed (405nm (DAPI), 445nm (ECFP), 488nm (EGFP), 514nm (EYFP), 561nm (AF568/Cy3.5), 594nm (AF594/mCherry) and 640nm (AF647). The CSU-W1 is ideally suited for both live and fixed when speed and reduced phototoxicity are required. This makes it ideal for slide scanning, plate scanning, tiling of large images, and live cell imaging. The large FOV and high resolution of the W1 are its strengths, while its weakness is that it cannot penetrate as deeply into samples. The C2+, while slower, offers the flexibility of adjusting its scan zoom to properly match pixel size to the current magnification and resolution (allowing for Nyquist sampling) while also allowing for deeper penetration into thicker samples. The C2+ confocal offers a standard 4 color laser launcher (405nm (DAPI), 488nm (EGFP), 561nm (AF568/Cy3.5) and 640nm (AF647). Both confocals, using the same motorized microscope, make the acquisition really fast and simple and the user can switch from one to another mode by a simple click. Also, the stage is fully motorized and equipped with a stagetop incubator providing appropriate temperature and C02 for live samples that can be imaged either with the CSU-W1 or the C2+ scan heads based on the needs. Both modalities profit from the latest upgrade of the software like artificial intelligence de-noising that can help to improve the quality of the images

Illustration of the Stagetop Incubator System
From left to right: 4X35-M, 96MW, GS35-M, 1xLABTEK-M, 2xGS-M

Yokogawa CSU-W1 spinning-disk confocal

Laser unit

– 405nm – 50 mW
laser head

– 445nm – 25 mW
laser head

– 488nm – 60 mW
laser head

– 514nm – 35 mW
laser head

– 561nm – 50mW
laser head

– 594nm – 40 mW
laser head

– 640nm – 40 mW
laser head

– 405nm – 50 mW for photo-manipulation


Manufacturer: Andor

Model: Zyla 4.2
ref: ZYLA-4.2-USB3

Sensor type: Scientific CMOS

Sensor size: 13.3*13.3 mm

Pixel count: 2048(H) × 2048(V) = 4 MP

Pixel pitch: 6.5 μm (H) x 6.5 μm (V)

Bit depth: 12 bits and 16 bits

Quantum efficiency: 72% around 600nm

Max Frame rate: 128*128: 1578 fps

Scan Head

Model: CSU-W1 spinning-disk confocal
Manufacturer: Yokogawa
ref: CSUW1-T1N12-C10C00-F2ED

Dichroic mirrors and Filters EM wheel

DM 405/488/561/640 dichroic beamsplitter
Manufacturer: yokogawa
ref: nikon MHE46420

DM 445/514/594 dichroic beamsplitter
Manufacturer: yokogawa
ref: nikon 99226

a) DAPI- EGFP – AF568/mcherry – AF 647

Manufacturer: semrock
BrightLine® quad-band bandpass filter – 440/521/607/700 nm
ref: FF01-440/521/607/700


Manufacturer: chroma
ET436/20x single-band bandpass filter
ref: ET436/20x


Manufacturer: semrock
482/25 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
ref: FF01-482/25


Manufacturer: semrock
525/50 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
ref: FF01-525/50


Manufacturer: Chroma
ET545/25x bandpass filter
ref: ET545/25x

f) AF568 BP

Manufacturer: Chroma
ET605/52m bandpass filter
ref: ET605/52m

g) AF568 BP Extended

Manufacturer: semrock
617/73 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
ref: FF01-617/73

h) mCherry BP Extended

Manufacturer: semrock
641/75 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
ref: FF02-641/75

i) AF647 BP

Manufacturer: Chroma
ET705/72m single-band bandpass filter
ref: ET705/72m

Scanning Method

Microlens‐enhanced Nipkow disk scanning

Maximum Disk Speed

Max 4,000 RPM
200 FPS

Disk Unit

50um or 25um (up to 2) motorized

Field of View

17x16mm maximum

Nikon Ti-E Microscope (User’s Manual)