Nikon Ti-E YokoGawa CSU-W1 / Nikon C2+

Description of the microscope:

Flexibility and versatility: The Nikon confocal offers both spinning disk and point scanning capabilities, allowing for a wide range of imaging applications. The seven laser lines and filters also provide flexibility in terms of fluorophore selection. This makes it a valuable tool for researchers working on a variety of projects. Additionally, the stage is fully motorized and equipped with a stage-top incubator providing appropriate temperature and CO2 for live samples.

Strengths of each scanning mode: The CSU-W1 spinning disk confocal is ideal for live cell imaging or fixed samples when speed and reduced photo-toxicity are required. On the other hand, the C2+ point scanner offers the flexibility to adjust the scan zoom for optimal pixel size and resolution, while also allowing for deeper penetration into thicker samples. Overall, the large field of view and high resolution make it well-suited for slide scanning, plate scanning, tiling of large images, and live cell imaging.

Easy of use: The fact that both scanning modes can be used with the same motorized microscope, the same software and can be switched with a simple click makes the acquisition process fast and simple.

Latest software upgrades: The microscope has been upgraded with the latest software, including artificial intelligence de-noising, which can help improve the quality of images. This is a valuable feature that can appeal to researchers looking for ways to optimize image quality.

    Overall, thanks to its flexibility, versatility, ease of use, and latest software upgrades, the capabilities of this Nikon confocal microscope can be optimized and promoted to researchers looking for a powerful imaging tool for their research projects.


    Suitable for Specimen

    Live samples

    Fixed samples

    Tissue sections

    Cell cultures

    Microscope Stand

    Nikon Ti-Eclipse
    ref: TI-E -736803

    Inverted stand

    Z-drive mot.
    Minimum step: 0.025μm
    Maximum speed: 2.5mm/sec or higher
    Motorized escape and refocus mechanism (coarse)
    Coarse/fine switchable

    Motorized 6-position objective revolver

    Motorized 6-position reflector turret

    Perfect Focus System with PFS offset dial


    CFI 10X/22

    Eyepiece tube

    Eyepiece Tube Base Unit

    Transmitted Illumination

    IDiascopic Illumination Pillar 100W
    ref: TI-DH-612504

    Precentered Dia illumination lamphouse
    ref: D-LH/LC-256834

    V2-A LL Halogen Lamp bulb 12V 100W

    Stagetop Incubator System

    Manufacturer: Oko-Lab

    Heated Chamber for Nikon Motorized Stage
    ref: H301-NIKON-Ti-S-ER

    All in One Controller with C2 Air Mixer
    ref: UNO-T-H-CO

    4x 35mm Dish Holder
    ref: 4×35-M

    96 Well Plate Holder
    ref: 96MW

    #1 1×3 inch Slide and #2 35mm Dish Holder
    ref: GS35-M

    1×2 inch Chambered Cover Glass Holder Magnetic
    ref: 1xLABTEK-M

    1×3 inch Chamber Slide Holder Magnetic
    ref: 2xGS-M

    Open frame for multi well plates w/ oil immersion objectives
    ref: MW-OIL

    Nikon C2+ point scanning
    Scan Head

    Model: C2+ point scanning
    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ref: C2-SH-42065

    Laser unit


    – 405nm – 15 mW
    laser head

    – 488nm – 15 mW
    laser head

    – 561nm – 15 mW
    laser head

    – 640nm – 15 mW
    laser head


    ref: C2-Du3-14487

    3 confocal PMT (2 filter cubes)

    – C2 V4C EM 445/35 + 660LP
    ref: Chroma 99430/C171408

    – C2 EM 525/50 + 600/50
    ref: Chroma 99441/C172339

    1 T-PMT

    Advanced Imaging Workstation

    Ref: 77019756

    Hp Z4

    Intel Xeon 3.7 GHz processor (8 cores)

    464GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM

    NVIDIA RTX4000 8GB

    512GB m.2 Turbo SSD

    1TB M.2 Turbo SSD data drive

    12TB data storage

    Window 10 64-bit professional

    37.5 inch IPS, LED backlit monitor


    Nikon NIS elements AR 5.41.02 (buid 1711)

    Suitable for Techniques

    Live Imaging

    3D imaging

    Multi position acquisition

    Large area tile/mosaic scans

    Optical sectioning

    Nikon Objectives
    CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D 4X/0.2

    Ref: MRD 70040

    Immersion: Dry

    Collar: none

    Coverslip Thickness: 0/0.17 mm

    Working Distance: 20.0 mm

    Field of View: 25mm

    Tube Length: infinity

    CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda D 10X/0.45

    Iref: MRD 70170

    Immersion: Dry

    Collar: none

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

    Working Distance: 4.0 mm

    Field of View : 25 mm

    Tube Length: infinity

    CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda 20X/0.75

    ref: MRD00205

    Immersion: Dry

    Collar: none

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

    Working Distance: 1.0 mm

    DIC slider: N2

    Field of View: 1.25 mm

    Tube Length: infinity

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.17

    λ : Nano Crystal Coat

    CFI Plan Apochromat 40X/0.95

    ref: MRD00405

    Immersion: Dry

    Collar: yes

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.11-0.23 mm

    Working Distance: 0.25-0.17 mm

    DIC slider: M/N2

    Field of View: 25 mm

    Tube Length: infinity

    CFI Plan Fluor 40X/1.30 Oil

    ref: MRH01401

    Immersion: Oil

    Collar: no

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

    Working Distance: 0.24 mm

    DIC slider: N2

    Field of View: 0.63 mm

    Tube Length: infinity

    CFI Apochromat Lambda S 60X/1.40 Oil

    ref: MRD71600

    Immersion: Oil

    Collar: none

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

    Working Distance: 0.14 mm

    Field of View: 0.37 mm

    Nomarski Prism: N2

    Tube Length: infinity

    CFI Apo LWD Lambda S 40X/1.15 W

    ref: MRD77410

    Immersion: Water

    Collar: yes

    Coverslip Thickness: 0.15-0.19 mm

    Working Distance: 0.61–0.59 mm

    Field of View: 25 mm

    Nomarski Prism: N2

    Tube Length: infinity

    Bright field imaging

    Ref TI-C-518109

    Long workind distance Condenser lens ref:TI-C-LWD

    NA: 0.52

    WD: 30 mm


    TC-C-DICP DIC Polarizer

    Ti-A Analyzer Block Installs in Epi Fluor Turret

    DIC accessories

    T-C DIC Module LWD N2 Dry
    T-C DIC Module LWD NR Dry

    D-C DIC Slider 20
    D-C DIC Slider 40x I
    DIC Slider 60x I-RD-C
    DIC Slider 100x II


    X-Cite 120 LED Boost

    Manufacturer: Excelitas Technologies
    Catalog Number: XT120L

    Filter sets
    DAPI/Hoechst/Alexa Fluor 350

    ref: Nikon 96221 / Chroma 39000

    Excitation: AT375/28x
    Mirror: AT415-DC
    Emission: AT460/50m


    ref: Nikon 96227 / Chroma 39003

    Excitation: AT480/30x
    Mirror: AT505DC
    Emission: AT535/40m

    Texas Red/mCherry/Alexa Fluor 594

    ref: Nikon 96231 / Chroma 39010

    Excitation: AT560/40x
    Mirror: AT600DC
    Emission: AT635/60


    Motorized Stage with Encoder
    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ref: Ti-S-ER

    Stage Joystic:
    Manufacturer: Nikon
    ref: TI-S-E JOY-559960

    Adapter for Oko-Lab Stagetop Incubator System

    Yokogawa CSU-W1 spinning-disk confocal
    Laser unit

    LUNF-XL laser combiner

    – 405nm – 50 mW
    laser head

    – 445nm – 25 mW
    laser head

    – 488nm – 60 mW
    laser head

    – 514nm – 35 mW
    laser head

    – 561nm – 50mW
    laser head

    – 594nm – 40 mW
    laser head

    – 640nm – 40 mW
    laser head

    – 405nm – 50 mW for photo-manipulation


    Manufacturer: Andor

    Model: Zyla 4.2
    ref: ZYLA-4.2-USB3

    Sensor type: Scientific CMOS

    Sensor size: 13.3*13.3 mm

    Pixel count: 2048(H) × 2048(V) = 4 MP

    Pixel pitch: 6.5 μm (H) x 6.5 μm (V)

    Bit depth: 12 bits and 16 bits

    Quantum efficiency: 72% around 600nm

    Max Frame rate: 128*128: 1578 fps

    Scan Head

    Model: CSU-W1 spinning-disk confocal
    Manufacturer: Yokogawa
    ref: CSUW1-T1N12-C10C00-F2ED

    Dichroic mirrors and Filters EM wheel

    Dichroic mirrors

    DM 405/488/561/640 dichroic beamsplitter
    Manufacturer: yokogawa
    ref: nikon MHE46420

    DM 445/514/594 dichroic beamsplitter
    Manufacturer: semrock
    ref: nikon 99226

    Emission filters
    DAPI- EGFP – AF568/mcherry – AF 647

    Manufacturer: semrock
    BrightLine® quad-band bandpass filter – 440/521/607/700 nm
    ref: FF01-440/521/607/700


    Manufacturer: chroma
    ET436/20x single-band bandpass filter
    ref: ET436/20x


    Manufacturer: semrock
    482/25 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
    ref: FF01-482/25


    Manufacturer: semrock
    525/50 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
    ref: FF01-525/50


    Manufacturer: Chroma
    ET545/25x bandpass filter
    ref: ET545/25x

    AF568 BP

    Manufacturer: Chroma
    ET605/52m bandpass filter
    ref: ET605/52m

    AF568 BP Extended

    Manufacturer: semrock
    617/73 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
    ref: FF01-617/73

    mCherry BP Extended

    Manufacturer: semrock
    641/75 nm BrightLine® single-band bandpass filter
    ref: FF02-641/75

    AF647 BP

    Manufacturer: Chroma
    ET705/72m single-band bandpass filter
    ref: ET705/72m

    Scanning Method

    Microlens‐enhanced Nipkow disk scanning

    Maximum Disk Speed

    Max 4,000 RPM
    200 FPS

    Disk Unit

    50um or 25um (up to 2) motorized

    Field of View

    17x16mm maximum

    Okolab stage top incubator install on the Nikon with the different sample holders:

    Illustration of the Stagetop Incubator System


    Optical configurations :

    C2+ filter scan head
    Emission filters for the C2+ scan head (peel off 445/35 +660LP) for DAPI and Alexa 647 and band pass filter (525/50 +600/50) for eGFP and mCherry/Alexa fluor 568
    CSU-W1 emission filters

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