Zeiss Colibri

Description of the microscope:

Easy to use: The microscope is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a straightforward workflow. This makes it easy to capture high-quality images quickly and efficiently. It is an excellent system to start to learn microscopy, best suited for internship students.

Routine work: The Zeiss Overserver Z1 is designed for routine work on fixed and live samples, making it an ideal tool for any research labs doing microscopy imaging experiments.

Versatile and powerful tool for imaging both fixed and living samples: The Zeiss Overserver Z1 is a versatile and powerful tool for imaging both fixed and living samples. With the Colibri 7, you can use up to six different LEDs to generate up to seven fluorescence excitation lines, covering a wide range from Blue to Far Red.

Ideal for live imaging: The microscope is equipped with an incubation chamber and heating sample holders, enabling you to perform live cell imaging under optimal conditions. Additionally, the high-speed monochrome camera allows you to capture dynamic processes with high temporal resolution while optimizing cell survival. The “COLIBRI” LED light source provides gentle and precise illumination, allowing for excellent live cell imaging with fast turn on/off capabilities.

Color Imaging: The microscope is also equipped with a high-resolution color camera ideal to image histological stained samples with excellent clarity and detail.

Large field of view and motorized stage: The large field of view of the color camera (that can be used in B/W mode for fluorescence), high resolution objective and a motorized stage make it well-suited for slide scanning, plate scanning, tiling of large images, and live cell imaging.

Whether you are performing routine work on fixed samples or conducting live cell imaging, the Zeiss “Colibri” observer Z1 provides outstanding performance, flexibility, and ease-of-use.


Suitable for Specimen

Live samples

Fixed samples

Tissue sections

Histological staining

Cleared samples

Microscope Stand

Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1 basic stand
ref: 431007-9902-000

Inverted stand

Z-drive mot. basic
stepsize 10 nm

Motorized 6-position objective revolver
ref: 424527-0000-000

Motorized 6-position reflector turret
ref: 424947-0000-000


W-PL 10x/23 Br.Foc.
ref: 455044-9901-000

Transmitted Illumination

Illuminator VIS-LED
ref: 423053-9030-000

Incubation System (Pecon)

Incubator XL Mult S1
ref: 411857-9400-000

Slide-in module ”standard” XL MULT S1
ref: 411857-9511-000

Temp Module S1
ref: 411860-9010-000

CO2 Module S1
ref: 411857-9010-000

Heating device humidity
ref: 411857-9050-000

Heating unit XL S2
ref: 411857-9031-000

CO2 cover HM
ref: 0000000441342

CO2 cover PM S1
ref: 411857-9110

Universal mounting frame K-M
ref: 432341-9100-000

Heating insert P LAB-TEK TM S1
ref: 411860-9025-000

Axiocam 705 mono

ref: 426560-9060-000

Sensor type: ONY IMX250 Exmor CMOS

Sensor size:
image diagonal:
11.1 mm
(8.5mm X 7.1 mm)

Pixel count:
2464(h) * 2056 (V)
= 5.07 MP

Pixel size:
3.45 um X 3.45 um

Bit depth:
14 bit, 12bit or 8 bit /pixel

Exposure range:
from 0.1 ms to 60s

Gain: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x

Binning: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4x4x, 5×5

Frame rate:
30 fps in live imaging
2464*2056: 60 fps
1920*256: 436 fps

Spectral sensitivity:
Approx 350nm – 1000nm
protection glass (coated)

Axiocam 305 color

ref: 426560-9030

Sensor type: SONY IMX264 Exmor Pregius Global Shutter CMOS

Sensor size:
image diagonal:
11.1 mm
(8.5mm X 7.1 mm)

Pixel count:
2464(h) * 2056 (V)
= 5.07 MP

Pixel size:
3.45 um X 3.45 um

Bit depth:
12bit or 8 bit /pixel

Exposure range:
from 100um to 4s

Frame rate:
2464*2056: 36 fps at 1ms – Color/Mono
128*128: 456 fps at 1ms – Color/Mono<

Spectral sensitivity:
Approx 400nm – 720nm
coated Hoya C5000IR cut filter
RGB Bayer color filter mask

Microscopy Workstation Compact

ref: 490002-0138-000

Intelcore-i3 16GB
Memory 16GB 1X16 DDR4-2666

Zen Pro 3.1

Zen module Z stack

Zen module Tiles / Position

Zen module Time Lapse

Suitable for Techniques



Large area tile/mosaic scans

Multi well plate imaging

Slide chambers imaging

3D Imaging

Zeiss Objectives
EC Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.3 M27

ref: 420340-9901-000

Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

Working Distance: 5.2 mm

Field of View: 25mm

DIC slider: EC PN 10x/0.30 I

Tube Length: infinity

Plan-Apochromat 20x/0.8 M27

ref: 420650-9901-000

Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

Working Distance: 0.55 mm

Field of View : 25 mm

DIC slider: EC PA 20x/0.80 II

Tube Length: infinity

EC Plan-Neofluar 40x/0.75 M27

ref: 420360-9900-000

Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

Working Distance: 0.71 mm

DIC slider: none

Field of View: 25 mm

Tube Length: infinity

C-Apochromat 40x/1.20 W Corr M27

ref: 421767-9970-000

Immersion: Water

Collar: yes

Coverslip Thickness: 0.14-0.19 mm

Working Distance: 0.28 mm at cover glass 0.17 mm

DIC slider: CA 40x/1.2W

Field of View: 25 mm

Tube Length: infinity

EC Plan-Neofluar 40x/1.30 Oil DIC M27

ref: 420462-9900-000

Immersion: Oil

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

Working Distance: 0.21 mm

DIC slider: EC PN 40X/1.30 III

Field of View: 25 mm

Tube Length: infinity

Plan-Apochromat 63x/1.4 Oil DIC M27

ref: 420782-9900-000

Immersion: Oil

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: 0.17 mm

Working Distance: 0.19 mm

Field of View: 25 mm

DIC slider: PA 63x/1.40 III (from Apotome)

Tube Length: infinity

Bright field imaging
LD condenser 0.55 H, Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, DIC, DIC; 6 positions, mot.

ref: 424244-0000-000

NA: 0.55

WD: 26 mm

6 positions: H, Ph1, Ph2, Ph3, DIC, DIC

Motorized with motorized aperture diaphragm and turret disk

Polarizer D , Rotatable with color glass carrier
ref: 000000-1121-813

Analyzer module Pol ACR P&C for transmitted light
ref: 424937-0000-000

DIC accessories

DIC prism II/0.55
ref: 000000-1005-867

DIC prism III/0.55
ref: 000000-1005-868

DIC slider EC PN 10x/0.30 I, 20x/0.50 II, PA 20x/0.80 II
ref: 426940-0000-000

DIC slider EC PN and Fluar 40x/1.30 III, PA 40x/0.95 III
ref: 426944-0000-000

DIC slider CA 40x/1.2 W, LD CA 40x/1.1 W III
ref: 426948-0000-0000

DIC slider PA 63x/1.40 III
ref: 426957-0000-000


Colibri 7 LED (7 channel)
ref: 423052-9741-000

Zeiss BP 385/30 LED (DAPI)

Zeiss BP 423/44 (eCFP)

Zeiss BP 469/38 LED (eGFP)

Zeiss BP 511/44 (eYFP)

Zeiss BP 555/30 LED (Cy3/AF555)

Zeiss BP 591/27 (mCherry/ AF568)

Zeiss BP 631/33 LED (Cy5/AF647)

Filter sets
filter set 90 HE (DAPI/eGFP/Cy3/Cy5)

ref: 489090-9110-000

BS: Zeiss QBS 405+493+575+653
Emission: Zeiss QBP 425/30+514/30+592/25+709/100

filter set 91 HE LED (eCFP/eYFP/mcherry)

ref: 489091-9110-000

BS: Zeiss TBS 450+538+610
EM: Zeiss TBP 467/24+555/25+687/145

Filter Set 49 (DAPI)

ref: 488049-9901-000

EX: Zeiss G 365
BS: Zeiss FT 395
EM: Zeiss BP 445/50

Filter Set 38 HE (EGFP)


EX: Zeiss BP 470/40 (HE)
BS: Zeiss FT 495 (HE)
EM: Zeiss BP 525/50 (HE)

Filter Set 63 HE (mCherry)

ref: 489063-0000-000

EX: Zeiss BP 572/25 (HE)
BS: Zeiss FT 590 (HE)
EM: Zeiss BP 629/62 (HE)

Filter Set 50 (Cy 5)

ref: 488050-9901-000

EX: Zeiss BP 640/30
BS: Zeiss FT 660
EM: Zeiss BP 690/50

Reflector module FL EC P&C

ref: 424931-0000-000


Scanning Stage 130×85 mot P
ref: 432031-9902-000

Travel range 130 mm x 85 mm
Resolution: 0.1 µm

Universal mounting frame K (slides, Petri dishes dia. 24…68 mm )
ref: 451352-0000-000

Rigor and Reproducibility:


Optical configurations :

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