Olympus MVX 10

Description of the microscope:

Intuitive design: The Olympus MVX10 is designed to be an intuitive macro fluorescence imaging system, which makes it easy to use for researchers who need to quickly change magnification with little refocusing required for 3D observation of small objects in brighfield or fluorescence.

Flexible magnification range: The parafocal 1X and 2X objectives and two-position revolving nose-piece allow for quick switching between objectives and an uninterrupted magnification range of 6.3x to 125x, which can be increased to an effective magnification of 250X with the 2X magnification change slider. This makes the microscope versatile for efficient, fast, and precise fluorescence observation, screening, and imaging.

Efficiency and resolution: The single-zoom optical path with a large diameter is optimized to collect light with efficiency and resolution at all magnifications. This makes the microscope an ideal tool for researchers who need high-quality imaging.

Overall, the intuitive design, flexible magnification range and efficiency and resolution, make the Olympus MVX10 stereomicroscope a valuable tool for macro fluorescence imaging needs.


Suitable for Specimen

Live samples

Fixed samples

Tissue sections

Histological staining


Whole organisms

Whole organs

Microscope Stand

Olympus MVX10
ref: MVX-ZB10


Manual objective revolver

Manual filter cubes

Mono-zoom variable magnification system

Zoom ratio: 10:1 (6.3X– 0.63X)

MVX 2X magnification changer


WHN 10x/3-H (high eye point) Focusable.

DP71 Color

ref: 7-D705-2

Manufacturer: Olympus corporation, Japan

Adapter: 1x C-Mount

Sensor type: Single-CCD color camera (pixel shifting)

Sensor size:
image diagonal:
11 mm
(8.7 mm X 6.6 mm)

Pixel count:
1360(h) * 1024 (v)
= 1.45 MP

Pixel size:
6.45 um X 6.45 um

Bit depth:

Exposure range:
from 0.02 ms to 60s

Pixel shifting:
up to 4080 (h) x 3072 (v)

Binning: 2×2, 4×4

Frame rate:
1360 x 1024 (1 x 1): 15 fps
340 x 250 (4 x 4): 57 fps

Microscopy workstation compact

Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180


Memory 1.96 GB

Suitable for Techniques



Olympus Objectives
MVPLAPO 1 X/0.25


Immersion: Dry

Collar: none

Coverslip Thickness: none

Working Distance: 65 mm

Total magnification: 6.3X– 63X

Field of View: 34.9 – 3.5mm

Tube Length: infinity

MVPLAPO 2/0.5 XC Corr


Immersion: Dry

Collar: yes

Coverslip Thickness: none

Working Distance: 20 mm

Total magnification: 12.5X– 125X

Field of View: 17.6 – 1.7 mm

Tube Length: infinity

Transmitted Illumination

Advanced illumination stand for Stereos
ref: SZX2-ILLB

Max Illumination area: ø40mm

Brightfield illumination: Possible

Darkfield illumination: not possible

Oblique illumination: Possible

Build-in filters: LBD, ND6, ND25

Illumination: 6V, 30W halogembulb

Clear Glass Stage Plate

B/W reversible Stage Plate


X-Cite 120 LED

Manufacturer: Excelitas Technologies
Catalog Number: XT120L

Filter sets
E-CFP – filter set 49001

ref: U-N49001

Excitation: ET 436/20
Mirror: T 455 LP
Emission: ET 480/40

eGFP – filter set U-MGFPHQ/XL


Excitation: BP 460-480
Mirror: DM 485
Emission: BA 495-540

M-YFP – filter set U-MYFPHQ/X


Excitation: BP 490-500
Mirror: DM 505
Emission: BA 515-560

ET-eYFP – filter set 49003

ref: U-N49003

Excitation: ET 500/20
Mirror: T 515 LP
Emission: ET 535/30

M-RFP – filter set U-MRFPHQ/XL


Excitation: BP 535-555
Mirror: DM 565
Emission: BA 570-625

Rigor and Reproducibility:


Optical configurations :

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